Our “Guidelines for Attending In-Person Meetings”:

  1. Congregants must NOT attend a meeting if feeling sick. If a congregant has recently been sick which included a fever, before attending a meeting, 3 days must have passed with no fever (including without the use of medicine that reduces fever).
  2. A congregant must not attend a meeting for the time frame currently being recommended by the CDC after being in contact with someone known to have contracted COVID-19 or having contracted COVID-19 themselves.
  3. Congregants are encouraged but not required to wear masks. They are also encouraged to use hand sanitizer or soap & water as needed, especially after a cough or sneeze into a tissue.
  4. Children must stay with their families throughout the meeting.  No Sunday School is available at this time, and the nursery is available as a “watch room” to be used by one family at a time.

Our “COVID-19 Response Plan”:

  1.  All commonly touched surfaces must be sanitized after every meeting and before the next meeting.
  2. All trash must be removed after every meeting and before the next meeting.
  3. The meeting place must be set up to accommodate physical distancing. (6 foot minimum).
  4. No Sunday School or Nursery will be provided at first.  Children will stay with their family.  Nursery room is available as a “watch room” and to be occupied by 1 family at a time.
  5. Bulletins or any other materials will NOT be distributed.  Information and announcements will be posted digitally and given verbally.
  6. The offering will be received via a drop-box rather than passing a collection plate
  7. When Communion is to be observed, the elements (juice/cracker) will be available upon entering the sanctuary and will be the pre-packaged variety (i.e. NOT prepared from bulk supplies and NOT distributed by ushers during the service).
  8. The only food/drink to be distributed is bottled water (i.e. no open buffet type food/drink setting).
  9. Hand sanitizer must be available in every occupied room. 
  10. Antibacterial hand-washing soap must be available at every hand washing location (i.e. bathrooms and kitchen).
  11. Tissues must be available in every occupied room.
  12. Masks for those who do not have their own must be made available.
  13. Continue the recording and transmission of Sunday Services online for those who choose to stay home.
  14. Rooms not needed for use will be kept closed and a posting on the door asking that no one enters (reduces need for sanitation after meetings).