We meet in-person on Sunday Mornings at 10:30am

Sunday Services are also available online.
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We’re here to help you start & strengthen your journey…


We are a community local church where you can come and figure out how to have a personal relationship with Jesus.  No frills, just simple Bible talks, comfortable music, plain people.  If you have a Bible, you will want to bring it and use it.


If you don’t have a Bible we will give you a “starter” Bible you can keep and we will do our best to teach you how to use it.  You can even click the YouVersion App Icon on this page to put a free Bible right on your smart phone!  Dress is casual, but if you want to put on your “Sunday go to meeting clothes” that’s okay too, …some of us will dress that way, most of us won’t.

We currently have a “family worship” format. Children, teenagers, and adults all meet together at 10:30am.  There is a “watch-room” available for you and your smallest ones if you need it.  Check us out. Be our guest … there’s no charge.